Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty Tip

Hello ladies - this is for all of you!

Recently I was reading a magazine and learned this great tip and I just have to share it with you!

So how many of you have one of those scary eyelash curlers?  I've always had one and swear by it, but I can't afford to pay for a nicer one so have just had to settle for the so-so job that it's done.  Well, let me tell you, this tip will work WONDERS and you'll never have to pay the big bucks to get that big curl.

OK - let me get to the point now. 

When you're ready to curl your lashes, take out your curler.  Then take out your blowdryer and turn it on high heat, aim at the curler for about 7 seconds (not too much longer or you might burn your lashes off), then apply to your lashes.  It will honestly give you the gorgeous big curl that you've always wanted!

I mean, it makes sense - it's like a curling iron working its magic because it's hot, but it never occurred to me to do this until I read about it in my magazine and I just can't keep it to myself any longer.

Hope it all works for you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fireplace Makeover

So my grandma has this brick in her family room and it's pretty ugly.  I feel mean saying it, but it's true.  Sorry Grandma! =)  The brick and grout are the same color and are cold and just blah - you just can't look at it and think it's pretty.

So my aunt Sandy gave me some inspiration and we decided to paint the bricks and see if we could warm up the room.  My cousin Julia helped me out a couple days and we made fun while doing it.  But it was a lot of work - about 3 full days of painting, but it was all worth it because the end result is just fabulous! 

We painted the grout one color, and then used 3 other brown shades for the bricks.  No pattern - just completely random, but I like it that way.

I forgot to take pictures before we started, but the right side is close to what it looked like before - we had already painted the grout in this picture, but you can get an idea of how blah it was.

This is ALMOST what it looked like finished - we still had to finish the edges on a bunch of the bricks, but you get the idea - isn't it SOOOO much better! 

I just love it and it warms the room up so much - what a cheap makeover! And it makes me even happier b/c it Grandma loves it and it makes her happy.

Now, what project should I start next...