Thursday, April 8, 2010

My First Diaper Bag!

So I've been telling people for quite some time now that I was going to make a diaper bag and I FINALLY got around to actually doing it. 

I don't know why but for some reason the whole idea of coming up with the design kinda stressed me out.  I think the pockets were the most stressful part of it - who would have thunk it!  I just kept looking at my idea, and messing with it until I almost cried.  I just didn't know exactly how to do the pockets so after hours of agonizing I got in my car and headed to Target to look at what they had and how they did it.  Well, that didn't really help b/c they don't have anything cute in their store at all!  So I called my friend Nicole who is a mom (and very stylish so I knew I could trust her) and got her feedback and just decided to go with my gut feeling and it turned out great! (Well I think so at least!)

It's not too big - 15x10x6 w/ 23' straps, 6 large pockets inside, and a magnetic snap closure.  It's functional as a diaper bag, but as cute as a purse so you can look stylish carrying diapers and bottles around.

I think I'm going to try and make one just a tad big bigger as well, but I might try and master this one first before I tackle another one.  I'm not a mom so any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!  But I think if I were a mom I'd want to carry around something like this...

I'm so glad to have this finally done and out of my way - it's been stressing me out for quite some time!

Here are a few pictures:

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